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Place collaboration at the core of your operations

  • increase your customers' satisfaction level by having better visibility of your activity to meet your commitments.

  • increase the number of projects handled per manager per year, with high added value

  • increase the well-being of your employees by offering them an intuitive tool that promotes teamwork

  • weekly savings on schedule adjustments

  • reduce of employee turnover in your firm

Profit Analysis

Anticipate the profitability of all your projects based on actual and scheduled hours and easily pinpoint what tasks or resources might be at risk of slipping. 

Profitability analysis.png
Collaborative planning.png

Collaborative Planning

A centralized, complete, and customizable vision of all your operations: see what everyone is working on, what resources are available or overloaded, and adjust your schedule using smart automated features to deal with booking conflicts. 

Task Management

Efficiently organize all your teams' tasks: combine filters and groupings to create custom views that highlight the most important and urgent tasks at any point, keep an eye on everyone's workload, and ensure everything gets delivered by your deadlines. 

Tasks management.png

Track your team's performance, automate task scheduling, and monitor the profitability of your projects all in one place.

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